Angelic Kreations “Poetry Between Sisters”





This Book Is for Men  Women & Children it’s a family journey..

Not only is it a pleasure; it is an honor to have been given the opportunity to write the Foreword for “Angelic Kreations: Poetry Between Sisters.” I was a little confused about where to begin since I’m a brother and not a sister. Then it dawned on me as I reflected on the images that Karen has illuminated in this inaugural collection. As a Man in Millennial America, poised to make a difference, it is paramount that I listen to the voices of my Sisters. Since birth, my life has been molded and shaped by Sisterhood. My Mother was the first Sister I encountered. She showed me Love and taught me Discipline. Karen displays her Love and Discipline not only in the form of the unleashed wisdom of her ancestors, but she also introduces us to the state of mind of our newest generation through the writings of the students that have contributed to “Angelic Kreations.” Angelic Kreations energized me to study that which I didn’t know and act upon that which I do know.

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