Clients “Poetry on Demand” Feedback

I met Karen Yelverton well over 30 years ago.  We grew up together as neighbors.  After years of running up and down our building staircase; visiting each other to play with dolls or dance and sing in the living room pretending to be famous singers; we soon became family.  Her mom and my mom where best friends and they took care of us together.  KK, as we lovingly call her, has always been a rare gem.  I always knew KK would choose a career entertaining and sharing knowledge with the world.  Even as a young child, she was outspoken and ready to share her knowledge with all her friends in the neighborhood. When we became adults and Kk pursued a career in entertainment, I was proud to see that she continued to nurture her gifts and talents.  As often as I can, I attend her performances and follow her on social media to watch her shine her light on the world. In august of 2019, KK attended my 17th-anniversary party.  Even though it was her birthday, she came and surprised us with a beautiful poem celebrating my marriage, family and our sisterly bond.  My guest loved the poem.  They couldn’t wait to speak with her after and posted the video on social media for others to share in the experience.  She made professional connections with new friends that night, because of her ability to connect and spread love with her spoken word and inspiring personality. Since the event, I have received so much positive feedback about her performance. She warmed many hearts as she spoke about all the good times in our past and hopes for the future. I often tell others about her talents.  Her poetry is definitely needed in a world so full of negative thoughts and hurtful words.  I know I can count on her to entertain and share knowledge at my future events. 
Sincerely, Venus Knight-Moore

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